Monday, 2 July 2012

The English Pharmacy Board elections

My first EPB meeting started with the election of Chair. 

There were two candidates and we all received their election statements just over a week before the election. 

I was told by a third party that I ought to support candidate A. I suggested to said third party that A could ring me because I had no idea what made A tick and did not feel inclined to blindly follow someone I knew next to nothing about. 

In the mean time B had called me and outlined a very inclusive vision for the EPB. 

I waited and waited and there was no contact from A. 
A third party told me that I should pick up the phone and speak to A. But - hang on a minute. A wants my vote so why  am I the one that should be proactive? Trouble is, I have been used to a world where people constantly asked me for their support - I never had to go touting it around. And, if someone wants to chair the English Pharmacy Board, isn't that a Leadership role? Doesn't leadership involve being proactive? I can recall when John Bercow wanted to become Speaker of the House - he picked up the phone and rang many people himself and that clinched it for me. 

During the induction day A did not speak to me and B did. 

By now you will have guessed that I voted for B. B lost. It was clear that a lot of mutual backscratching had been organised. The outcome of the vote for Vice Chair and the votes for the Assembly were fairly predictable (although the Assembly threw up one surprise). 

Welcome to the world of the EPB. 

I won't pretend that I wasn't disappointed not to be elected to the Assembly but that feeling was short lived because I quickly realised that most of the issues I am interested in are dealt with by the EPB, and not the Assembly,  and I will now be able to spend the next year really getting to know the organisation and getting involved in the issues which interest me. The new board is larger, with some feisty members and some independent thinking so I predict that there will not be any particular faction that rules the roost. 

In the mean time I wish the new Chair and Vice Chair well for what promised to be a busy and stimulating year. 

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