Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Girls Girls Girls!

Others have commented that the gender balance of the English Pharmacy Board does not reflect the gender balance of the profession as a whole. Rachel Airley has also commented that the women on the new board are a force to be reckoned with. Let's take all that as a given. 

I want to use this post to reflect on three impressive women on the RPS staff - and before anyone whinges I will just point out that I am sure there will be other impressive women to comment on in the future. 

So, who are my top three so far?

First mention must go to Helen Gordon. Nobody has a bad word to say about her and she has certainly steered the embryonic RPS through some difficult times. I am looking forward to getting to know her better. It is a shame she is not a pharmacist but this brings me neatly to.......

Catherine Duggan. Director of Professional Development and Support at RPS. She is an interesting character and was once an elected member of the RPSGB. Her presentation to the new EPB was packed full of emerging initiatives (would love to say more but am reluctant to steal her thunder) and I can categorically state that she is the Director who impressed me the most. It may just have been the way she presented herself but she came across as a powerhouse of ideas and activity. Only ten percent of her work is visible at this point in time so I have nicknamed her "the iceberg"

Yvonne - who is the administrator to the board and works with Howard Duff, the Director for England. She is truly impressive. I e-mail her at mid-night and the reply is waiting on my BlackBerry as I roll in to work before 9 the next morning. If the reply is a holding reply I invariably have a reply in my inbox before I next log on at lunchtime. She even managed to answer my convoluted questions about the election process so it is a big thank you from me. 

So - why have I bothered to mention this?

It just struck me that it is easy to write a blog knocking the status quo and it is potentially less interesting to say who is doing a good job. It seemed only fair to put down a marker so that people do not take my other blog posts out of context. The RPS is not a perfect organisation (is there such a thing?) but many of the staff are doing a damn good job trying to make it one. All I am saying is that I may appear to knock from time to time but I also hope that I will be equally free to point out some of the good work that is going on. 

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