Monday, 2 July 2012

A tour of the building - selling the family silver

At the end of the induction day we were offered a tour of the building. This would not usually even be worthy of passing comment. 

We were taken up to the top floor and shown the amazing view. Our guide mentioned in passing that "we always point this out to people who are interested in buying". 

I queried this. I had read the assembly papers. Surely no decision had been taken? 

We were then informed that RPS were in the process of collecting bids. 

Again we queried the fact that no final decision had been taken. 

We were getting nowhere fast but it was apparent to all of us that the somewhat coy Assembly minutes (and also the assurances of Assembly members) bore no resemblance to the activities being undertaken by RPS staff. Make no mistake, there seems to be a real head of steam behind the move to sell the building and it was hard to establish whether any other options were being actively pursued at all. 

So, the question really is to ask whether members think this is worth fighting over. It smacks of selling the family silver and there is no hint of what it will be replaced by. My gut feeling is that this does not seem right - what do others think?


  1. We were told elsewhere that this "simply" a fishing exercise, and that no decision had been taken. It was, though, suggested that "if" the price was right, then the sale would be considered.
    I must say I was surprised that a firm of estate agents would take on the job knowing, or even suspecting, that!

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